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With the trend of a plastic free lifestyle nowadays, come the advent of eco bags. These eco bags are very much practical replacement for plastic or paper shopping. They are sturdy and can accommodate as much as many items as you want to place. Eco bags can be very much crocheted. It can be made… Continue reading PRIMA LOU DRAWSTRINGS BACKPACK (Free Pattern)



Inspired by the blooms in spring and the sand dunes over the dessert, this shawl came into being. This is a triangular shawl, crocheted from top to bottom. This can be made in any type of yarn, acrylic preferably. And with a lush distinct texture on one side. TOOLS AND THINGS NEEDED: 1. YARN- Attic… Continue reading BLOOMS AND DUNES SHAWL (Free Pattern)



Crocheted this tank top and short pants for my daughter one summer vacation in my province. This has been my first ever try on crocheting a wearable other than shawls. I opted the most simple and most used double crochet stitches in every way, not wanting to complicate and avoiding some frogging in the future… Continue reading PRIMA TANK TOP AND SHORTS COORDINATES

crafts tutorial, paper craft

ORIGAMI BOX TUTORIAL (When Recycling Meets Crafting)

Origami- the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. (Wikipedia) I know how to make Origami Boxes a long time ago. I used them to house my handcrafted fabric headpieces, because I don't want them to be crashed and squashed, especially when I have to ship them. I also used these boxes… Continue reading ORIGAMI BOX TUTORIAL (When Recycling Meets Crafting)

Headpiece D' Elegant Ermine

Headpieces Lookbook (2016 Designs)

  These pieces are handmade and crafted from scratch with so much time, love and creativity being poured into it. Drawing inspirations from my daughter and all the things in between us and from our day to day life. These pieces are very dear and personal to me making me hard to let go of these pretties.… Continue reading Headpieces Lookbook (2016 Designs)