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I discovered the beauty of this stitch with my Mother, where she tried to use the stitch to make a scarf for my brother. The stitch is more like the usual double crochet but only with a twist. The stitches created are a bit closer to each other and slanted in orientation. And there 's… Continue reading HOW TO CROCHET THE HERRINGBONE DOUBLE CROCHET


LACOEPA SHAWL (Free Pattern)

Triangular shawl crocheted from top-down and the size increases as row progresses. The size is customizable according to your length and width of preference by altering the total number of rows. TOOLS AND THINGS NEEDED: YARN- 1 cake of 8 ply fine 100% cotton by Ashley’s Crochet, 290 grams, approx. 1300-1500 meters, fingering weight yarn.HOOK-… Continue reading LACOEPA SHAWL (Free Pattern)

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Handmade Label Tags (Free Download)

Handmade are no doubt created with much love. Knowing that a crafter would spend a lot of time creating a certain piece, but even prior to that, building the idea or ideas in mind also entails a lot of hours and hours of thinking. So, as a crafter myself, I wanted that thought to be… Continue reading Handmade Label Tags (Free Download)


Provenance Wrap (Free Pattern)

TOOLS AND THINGS NEEDED YarnFor this project I used a 4 ply 100% cotton (Fingering Weight) from Baguio in two colors, red wine and old rose.But any type of yarn can be used. And a solid color can be used if preferred.HookI used a 4 mm.ScissorsStitch markerTapestry needleRow counterThis would be helpful, because you need… Continue reading Provenance Wrap (Free Pattern)

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Crocheted this skirt with the idea of making a short, a version for myself since I already made one for my daughter. But then I added an extra rows of dc, which made it quite longer from waist down to the crotch area. So instead of frogging off and removing the extra rows I decided… Continue reading PRIMA LOU MAXI SKIRT ( Free Pattern)

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Creative Wrapping

How to wear crocheted triangle shaped shawls or wraps. Wearing shawls or wraps is often times misunderstood. For most, the oldies are the ones who usually wear them and your fashion style could be questioned if you are seen wearing one. But for me, wearing these pieces doesn't have to be stereotyped to be old… Continue reading Creative Wrapping

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With the trend of a plastic free lifestyle nowadays, come the advent of eco bags. These eco bags are very much practical replacement for plastic or paper shopping. They are sturdy and can accommodate as much as many items as you want to place. Eco bags can be very much crocheted. It can be made… Continue reading PRIMA LOU DRAWSTRINGS BACKPACK (Free Pattern)

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GENARA SHAWL (Free Pattern)

Inspired by a little girl in my daughter’s class who is fierce, fearless yet sweet, simple and innocent and whose name is Genara. The stitches used are so simple but with a twist with the usual double crochet. One of my favorite stitch which is the Herringbone double crochet stitch is used in most part… Continue reading GENARA SHAWL (Free Pattern)

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I love adding some embellishments on finished crochet projects. Especially when my shawls has a simple border pattern. I like to add a bit of drama, thus I usually add them with tassels. I am going to show you how I do mine. Tools and things needed: Yarn - especially scrap yarnsScissors- a sharp oneCardboard-… Continue reading TASSELS HOW TO



I am very happy to say that having this project in mind, has ignited my senses and creative faculty to explore the endless possibilities of the pattern. Prima Lou because this particular project is very much inspired by my Prima Lou Coordinates that I made a year ago for my daughter before we hit on… Continue reading PRIMA LOU CROCHET STITCH PATTERN SERIES