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Handmade Label Tags (Free Download)

Handmade are no doubt created with much love. Knowing that a crafter would spend a lot of time creating a certain piece, but even prior to that, building the idea or ideas in mind also entails a lot of hours and hours of thinking.

Handmade Label Tags

So, as a crafter myself, I wanted that thought to be bridged to my customer. That they would know, that they are not buying commercially made pieces that are mass produced but one of a kind piece, not replicated, not even once, even with the same design. Every piece gives joy to the crafter, knowing that a piece is made visible after the long endeavor, and I want that piece of joy as well to be felt by my customer.

And creativity doesn’t stop as the project is done. I personally, add a little detailing on my packaging and labeling. I wanted my piece to be that of a package packed with lots of joy that when the customer received it, even with the label, the piece is greatly appreciated and the joy can already be felt.

Handmade Label Tags

I hope I am able to connect with you in this aspect. But I’m sure do, knowing that in terms of creativity, crafters beats the same heart.

So, I made a little something for you hand makers out there, for you to label your own makes. I am grateful, that apart from crocheting, I also have a little knowledge on graphics. And I am happy to share this little thing with you. I know, this is not that fancy, but it’s the thought that counts, when we want to convey a message to our customer.

These labels are just sized approximately 3 by 1.5 inches. They came in three designs and each design came 3 labels or tags, which includes the- the handmade tag, the detail tag and the care tag.

Each design is prepared in PDF form which is ready for printing, but I also included each of the design in PNG form so that you can adjust the size if you prefer a larger tag than mine.

Handmade Label Tags

Download the free label tags A HERE.

Download the free label tags B HERE.

Download the free label tags C HERE.

You can print these in a card stock or thicker paper for durability.

Let me know what you think of these labels by tagging me #Deehandmadetags. Would love to hear from you.

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