D' Elegant Ermine Crochets


D' Elegant Ermine Crochets

Name: Prima Lou

Fiber: 8 ply 100% fine cotton by Ashley’s Crochet

Hook: 3 mm

These pieces are very much an inspiration from my Prima Coordinates. But then, with a lot of variations from the original Prima, so I named these pieces, Prima Lou. I crocheted the tank top in rounds, unlike the original Prima, where I crochet two panels, one front and one back.

The main reason was that, I wanted my double crochet stitches to be closer together, which can’t be achieved if I had it done in panels, wherein, I will be going back and forth  every time I reached the end of each row. I noticed the difference, when I did the original Prima, because I did the short pants in rounds and the double crochet posts where tighter compared on the top which I did in panels. Although, the difference is hardly noticeable, but I did noticed it anyway.

And I don’t want to sew panels this time. Not that I hate hand sewing but, I am not just good in sewing crocheted panels. So , having done it in this way, did cut the sewing part for me.

Since I have done the Prima, I wanted to incorporate a little alteration from the original, so instead of the usual double crochet stitches, I added rows of single crochets stitches. I might crochet another one like this in the near future and make the the rows of single crochet stitches with another color, I guess it would be more interesting.

D' Elegant Ermine Crochets

The joined part, was quite a challenge for me, since I had two types of crochet stitches which makes it hard to maintain a very straight line. I did have a few frogging that happened before I was able to master it.

D' Elegant Ermine Crochets

I crocheted first the short pants actually, so when I did the top, it was already easy for me with the joined parts.

I did a little detailing at the front, a little bit of a peek a boo style, another variation from the Prima, which was detailed in fringes. And finished with both straps which is tied at the top of the shoulders, unlike the Prima which was tied at the back.

D' Elegant Ermine

The short pants was pretty much the same with Prima, only with the added rows of single crochets stitches.

D' Elegant Ermine
D' Elegant Ermine Crochets

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Philippians 4:8


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