Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine

THE VIRUS SHAWL ( Pattern Review and Recommendation)

The Virus Shawl is my first ever try on bigger projects and nonetheless a shawl. It’s what fired me in to be serious with making shawls and bigger projects and be rekindled   with my  old love affair with crochet, which was a childhood hobby  forgotten for a long periods of time.

It was then one of our biannual vacation in the province that my mother, my major crochet influence, handed me a virus shawl for my daughter. Actually it was me, who bought her the yarn from a local supplier, and ask her to make one for my daughter. I was then too  lazy to make bigger projects.

She said that the pattern is so easy and you can  finish it in no time. And so indeed, after we head back to the city, I gave this Virus shawl a try.

Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
My first Virus Shawl.

The first Virus Shawl that I made was supposed to be mine, planning to use it on a convention that I am going to attend. But, I was only then, halfway to finish that someone dear saw it and I was forced to sell it to her. Simply, she had love at first sight with the shawl. Who wouldn’t be? For this shawl, I used Ashley’s Crochet yarn in their Maple colorway and which is 50% Acrylic and 50% Cotton. I was so happy that I am able to put justice on the beautiful colorway with my project. And I used a  4.5 mm aluminum hook with faux vintage plastic handle.

The Virus Shawl pattern is very classy and somewhat, I call it, timeless with the fans that spreads across the entire shawl depicting a lacy effect. The pattern may look intimidating to make, at first peek, but for the most part it, if not all, it is surprisingly easy and simple. Since, the pattern only calls for double crochet (dc), single crochet (sc) and chain (ch).

And since my first try I was  able to make half a dozen Virus Shawls in a year already.PG!

Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine
Virus Shawl D Elegant Ermine

I mostly used 100% acrylic on my Virus Shawl because with the lacy effect of the pattern (especially with the quite large peep holes) and with the acrylic being so light in weight doesn’t give much tension or pull downwards or doesn’t stretch that much downward when the shawl is worn, thereby preserving the lacy fans of the pattern. But this is just my opinion. I have seen a lot of projects done in 100% cotton and they are equally gorgeous (cotton is quite heavier than acrylic). And I am also using a quite a large hook, for me to achieve the lacy effect so, that’s one thing that I did consider why I chose acrylic. I sourced my acrylic yarns locally from Miss Crochet a Lot.

I mostly used gradient  colorways also with my projects because it gives me the convenience of not having to cut  and change another color and it gives a very nice effect on the pattern.

Review and Recommendation:

  1. Easy-just like what my mother said.  No special stitches required as well as no special tools required. So, if it’s your first try in crocheting a shawl and if you don’t know what pattern to try first, this pattern is for you. You just have to master few fans on the first rows and viola! You can crochet all the way without looking at the pattern anymore since the pattern calls for repeats. This is best for beginner crocheter actually.
  2. The pattern is intimidating to look at first glance, but just give it a try on few fans and you will surely find yourself not wanting to put it down. I was in most cases.
  3. Can be made in acrylic cotton or in any blend and whatever yarn type that you have as long as you can handle and with the corresponding hook size.
  4. The pattern can also be made in a solid color one whole piece or in an alternating solid colors. Your creative skill is the limit.
  5. For my project, I usually consume 200 g of 3 ply Indophil Acrylic  yarn or more, depending on the edging that I made and the shawls measures beyond arms width and just beyond buttocks. One cake is usually enough for shawl this large.
  6. You can use any hook size and depending on your yarn and with the outcome that you wanted to achieve. If you want a lacy effect, go for a larger hook and if not, smaller for a stiffer shawl.
  7. The pattern can be extended up to the length that you want and the beauty of this pattern is greatly appreciated when done in larger size.
  8. The edging is up to your creative limit. You can even finish it with no edging at all and it’s already finished. With tassels or no tassels, in fringes or not, the pattern is simply beautiful.
  9. From my experience, make sure to account every after ten dc posts that you created on the fans. It would greatly save you time and effort from future frogging. Because the nature of the pattern is a lot of ten dc posts in  repeats, you can get lost in counting by your mind.
  10. The finished project of this pattern is reversible, since there is no distinct texture it can be worn either side.

Lastly, I want to thank the one who created this pattern for free. I am able to make pretty shawls without having to spend a penny. More power to your creativity and God bless you.

The free pattern is here.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

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