WIP TRACKER (Free Download)

Ashampoo_Snap_Sunday, August 26, 2018_17h00m03s_002_Chrome Legacy Window.jpg

Ever since I started getting serious with crochet, beautiful mess like this has been a constant sight in our house. I have lots and lots of WIPs. I mostly crochet shawls which are quite large in size and would require much time to finish.  I tend to grow bored in the middle of a certain project. And instead of finishing one at a time, I would always find myself grabbing another ball of yarn and start a new one and a new one and another new one before I would have the appetite to go back and finish the first one that I started. Praise God, I am able to finish one project at a time even with WIPs piling up.

And with the growing number of WIPs, tracking the specifics of a certain project has been a struggle, especially when not just one hook was used.

So, I created this WIP tracker to help me remember a certain project and to write down specifics. Can’t rely on memory anymore.

And if you are just like me or just  little bit like me, you can download my tracker for free.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Download the free pattern here!

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