Gone are the days that I only knew ball in a yarn. I am very much overwhelmed that there are a lot of yarn preparations available in the market today.

Here’s a list that I have made from my a little bit of research and from my experience as well, since I started out getting serious in crocheting.

hank raw.jpg


  1. Hank- is the very raw form of yarn preparation either after or before the dye is applied. But when in the market, they are folded or twisted usually. And they have to be winded into a ball or cake before one can start to crochet.

yarn ball.jpg

2. Ball- length of the yarn  are coiled like a ball.

bullet skein.jpg

3. Bullet Skein/Skein- loosely coiled length of yarn which is shaped into a bullet.

donut ball.jpg

4. Donut- simply looks like a donut with a hole at the center core.


5. Hard Core Ball- coiled like a ball with a rigid card board at the core which is hollow at the very center.


6. Cake- yarns have flat sides at the top and the bottom in which it could sit on each sides and yarn ends can be pulled either at the center or at the sides.


7. Cupcake- just the same with the cake but the yarn comes in smaller sizes compared with the cake, hence cupcake.


8. Cones- yarn is coiled in a coned cardboard and usually comes in large yardage.

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