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On Sun Heat and Air Balls

Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4


This photo shoot is actually a far cry from what I’ve envisioned for my daughter but nonetheless these photos are one of the best by far. I had conceptualize a tea party set up, even bought a tea-pot already and all but it just didn’t happen. Both of them were too lazy to roll out of bed early in the morning, which is what we need to do, considering the set up that I wanted to make, I need an ample time for the preparation and the source of light that I need to have when taking pictures is perfect with an early morning sun not to mention the heat that is now building up in this side of the world.  Props and everything we’re already packed  if only I was able to drag them both just to be at the park at the beach side.

Even so, a photo shoot still has to be done before my beloved better half will be back to work and since it’s quite impossible in the peep of the day, so we did  it in the early afternoon, braving through the heat of the sun but with the favorable scanty presence of people who is having their exercise.  On second thought, I grab the bubble machine which was kept on the corner for quite sometime and I thought it was no longer working but fortunately it is bubbling well even more. And these are the framed moments that we had on that day, essentially it wasn’t just a photo shoot for my little girl but even the whole small family that we have as well, thanks to the advent of tripod, we need not  find somebody to take pictures with the presence of the three of us at one time. The unchoreographed poses turned out lovely.We didn’t have  just fun but a treasure of a lifetime with the sun heat and air balls.




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