Seaside Sun Basking with Ate Yanah


Kuwait’s summer heat is on even in the first days of May and would definitely go higher until its peak which is in July, but such heat could not dampen this high-spirited little lady to bask in the sun. The incomprehensible joy of a child is indubitable while being held hand in hand with her Mom and having a whole nine yards tale with everything she saw from our house which is approximately ten minutes’ walk,  and down to the place where we had our photo shoot at the seaside park and shouted,  “we did it”. To be occasionally out in the sun is a picture of pure joy in itself especially in this place, wherein most of the days are spent with indoor business. So before this desert heat waves to its intense we just had to head outdoor and took photos with this lively little lady, albeit  a bit early in the afternoon, just before the park will be packed with lots of people.



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